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Engine oil filter

The engine oil filter is essential for the good health of your Kubota machine. The latter makes it possible to retain the polluting elements internal or external to the engine. With 4 microns filtration, Kubota oil filters help reduce machine maintenance costs.

The advantages of an original Kubota filter :

  • PROTECTION : KUBOTA filters offer optimum engine protection thanks to the highest degree of filtration.
  • LONGEVITY : Good filtration reduces engine wear.
  • PERFORMANCE : Effective filtration prevents engine power loss.
  • POLLUTION : Effective filtration contributes to the reduction of harmful vapors to the environment.
  • GAIN / ECONOMY : Better controlled diesel and oil consumption, longer maintenance intervals and lower maintenance costs.
  • SAFETY : The original Kubota filter is insensitive to temperature variations, vibration resistant and has a better seal with optimized and optimized seals.
  • COMFORT : No stray noise and easy to assemble (space required).
  • QUALITY : Manufactured under standards ISO 9001, ISO / TS 16949: 2009 and ISO / TS 17025: 2005. The original Kubota filter is developed to endure extreme conditions

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