Our Values

Safety First

Safety is our first priority to protect ourselves and others from accidents.

Customer Focus

Our existence is based on customer value and satisfaction. We shall all do our utmost to be recognized for taking good care of our partners and end customers. We shall seek simplicity in all our business processes, share information, and delegate to push initiatives as close to our customers as possible.

Quality in all we do

We shall take pride in our work and deliverables. Our culture is to double-check that things are in line with set standards and promises. Immediate actions are to be taken to correct deviations.

Team Work Spirit

We see each other as loyal, responsible and reliable partners and strive to deliver as promised – to each other as internal customers and to our customers. We shall encourage and reward initiatives aimed at creating a knowledge sharing culture for the continuous development of new competencies and skills.

Understanding of cultural differences

We make an effort to build a common understanding, trust, and commitment despite our cultural differences. We connect with the inner layers of values and beliefs. We create common ground rules that help to build trust and commitment.

Treat each other with respect

We treat people with courtesy, politeness, and kindness. We encourage co-workers to express opinions and ideas and listen to what others have to say before expressing our viewpoint.

Create a culture of trust

We are mindful of our words and behavior to not lose the trust of our end customers and co-workers. We strive for a candid and transparent approach towards leadership.