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Kubota Corporation (Osaka, Japan) was established in 1890 and began manufacturing water pipes to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Today, Kubota Corporation has developed 2 principal business sectors :

– Farm and Industrial Machinery Sector (tractors, landscaping equipment, construction machinery, industrial diesel engines etc…)

– Water and Environmental Systems Sector (steel pipes, valves, solid waste and sewage treatment and recycling plants, submerged membrane filters, water treatment plants etc…)

Kubota Corporation has subsidiaries and affiliates that manufacture and/or market products that are sold in more than 130 countries all over the world (more information at www.kubota-global.net)


with a new assembly line and innovative process

Kubota Europe, a subsidiary of Kubota Corporation Japan, has been established in the town of Argenteuil, in the suburb of Paris in 1974.

Kubota Europe has been dedicated efforts to being built into European market every day, and by grace of large network of around 650 distributors, Kubota Europe distributes its products in France, Italy, Netherlands and several European countries.

Kubota Europe has strong positions in mini-excavators, compact tractors and industrial diesel engines in our covered areas. Since we launched the new tractors for upland farming, Kubota Europe is putting forward it to this field.


A large network distributes Kubota products in all the European countries

Kubota Europe has 4 main departments: Tractors, Construction Machinery, Engines and Spare Parts.

Today, now that energy conservation and the protection of the environment are finally global concerns, Kubota Corporation continues to be totally committed to supporting sustainable development, thereby illustrating its ability to pave the way while maintaining its vision for the future.

It is this philosophy that differentiates the Kubota brand from its competitors, combining customer satisfaction with a responsible, eco-friendly approach which preserves our natural resources.

40 000m²Warehouse

a site in the suburb of Paris with 7000m² totally dedicated to Spare Parts

Kubota Global Identity

The KUBOTA Group promises to continue supporting the prosperous life of humans while protecting the environment of this beautiful earth.

Food, water and the environment are indispensable for human beings. The KUBOTA Group continues to support the future of the earth and humanity by contributing products that help the abundant and stable production of food, help supply and restore reliable water, and help create a comfortable living environment through its superior products, technologies and services.

The world has many problems in the areas of food, water and the environment, which are indispensable for human beings. Those problems are not separate themes, but linked closely to each other. The population growth has a great influence on environmental changes, brings problems to water resources, and leads to the short supply of food.The KUBOTA Group considers food, water and the environment as a singular theme and contributes to solve problems in these areas.


KUBOTA GLOBAL LOOP = Relations among food, water, and the environment food, water and the environment are not separate themes, but linked closely to each other.


Contributing to the abundant and stable production of food by streamlining of agriculture.


Contributing to supply and to restore reliable water by enhancing water infrastructures.


Contributing to create and preserve a comfortable living environment by enhancing social infrastructures.

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