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Global Index : Expanding the future of food, water and the environment.

The year 2015 will certainly be an epoch-making milestone for Kubota. This is because Kubota made a full-scale entry into the global market for large scale commercial farming in 2015. Kubota has long been supplying high-quality agricultural machinery to the rice cultivation market and has earned a very good reputation. However, dry-field farming, which occupies[...]

Kubota leads in innovative technology

Kubota leads in innovative technology

After more than 30 years, the company has expanded it’s network to nearly 600 distributors accross Europe, with France emerging as the top market. In 2007, Kubota reported whopping growth of 63 percent in the last years. ‘France is our No. 1 customer in Europe, with 60 percent of our sales coming from the French[...]

Kubota maintains its status as world's leading compact excavator manufacturer

Kubota maintains its status as world’s leading compact excavator manufacturer

The compact excavator market will have seen growth in 2014. Yet despite several years of recovery it will still not have returned to its pre-recession levels. The compact excavator, defined as a hydraulic excavator with a maximum tonnage of 6t, has become a primarily European machine. Kubota, the undisputed market leader, is making steady progress.[...]