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Could you send me the manual worker of the tractor B7001 ?

The tractor B7001 which you buy is a second-hand tractor imported by parallel network, without the agreement of KUBOTA Europe, and that it was never marketed under this designation in France by our Company, or approved. Therefore, it isn’t possible to us to give you satisfaction.

Do you supply in spare parts for the occasions tractors imported by Asia ?

We insure the supply of spare parts for tractors duly approved by KUBOTA Europe, and not for those imported by a parallel market. Among others reasons, most of these second-hand models, used in some countries of Asia, were not approved by KUBOTA Europe under their designation, and spare parts are not always common to the models distributed officially by our company. So, be watchful in your project of purchase, because we receive regularly customers’ complaints who bought this type of material, and which are out of order today.

Does KUBOTA EUROPE supply the spare parts ?

KUBOTA Europe supplies a big quantity of spare parts more than 100 000 available references. 96% of parts can be obtained at all time within 24 hours.

I am about to acquire a power tiller LP360, year 75. I wanted to know if in spite of the reputation of robustness, spare parts were still available for this model ?

We are pleased that this power tiller give you satisfaction from so long time. Now it is very difficult to find spare parts for this model, its marketing being stopped for a long time. Please , inquire all the same with your dealer.

I have got a brush-cutter F400 and the thrower is very damaged. In spite of my researches I didn’t find spare parts. Whom should I address ?

This model is rather old. For more information, you can contact the Spare part service of Kubota Europe or your dealer.

I have just purchased a new tractor B1610D. On this machine, fires stop do not work, although is equipped and indicated it on the note. Is it an anomaly or an option ? Is it possible to equip it with a bar of harness with holes ? Kubota markets this kind of accessory ?

Fires stop, side mirror and hooking on are optional on the B1610 because this tractor is a new model approved in France and that the French rule does not require these accessories from series. It is possible to equip it with a bar of harness with holes, accessory marketed by Kubota Europe.

Is there the typical mulching blade on the lawn mowers Kubota ?

It is possible to install a mulching kit on the lawn mowers of the series W consisted of 3 models : W521TC, W521HTC and W621HTC.

We make build on a ground of 2000 m² that it would be necessary to plough. Can we put a small plough behind the lawn mower ?

No, it is not possible to put a plough behind the lawn mower.



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