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Do you build power generating units and pumps ?

Engine division doesn’t market any more this kind of products. You can all the same contact your dealer for second-hand equipment.

Have you got spare parts for diesel generator typified AC KUBOTA 1100 Q ?

This model of generator is a model not approved by Kubota Europe. Please , distrust the parallel market. You can contact us or contact your dealer if you doubt. We have no documentations corresponding to these models.

I have acquire B8200 Kubota’s tractor. I have to change the engine. Which type of engine can I obtain ? Can I put a more powerful engine ?

No, we can’t mechanize again a Kubota tractor by another type of engine without calling into question the engine application.

I’m looking for a second-hand equipment… Have you got a seconhand network, advertisements on line ?

Kubota Europe haven’t got a secondhand network and don’t pass advertisements on line. On the other hand you can contact your dealer who will not fail to inform you.

Is it possible to obtain manual workers of Kubota’s old models ?

To get manual workers of old models, don’t hesitate to contact your dealer.



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