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Does the cleaning up of a machine TP have it to be done regularly ?

We strongly advise to clean up the hydraulic system in the event of damage of components (pump, engine…) in order to stop the contaminations which could have circulated in hydraulics of the machine. However, we have more and more customers who clean up their machines on a purely preventive basis, for example at the time of usual maintenance. The lifetime of the components is some increased and the breakdowns due to the contaminations (seizing of valves) are appreciably reduced. It is enough to make heat the machine (oil with 50°C), to connect the filter of cleaning up on the auxiliary line, to press on the pedal and to let the diesel engine outside to 1500 rpm approximately. 15 minutes are sufficient for an operation. The quality of the filter must be as follows : 5 microns ; Beta : 200 ; nominal capacity 100 to 150 litres/minutes (according to your hydraulic machine most important.)

How to replace a manufacturer plaque of a Kubota’s machine TP in case of loss ?

You have to send an order to the Spare Parts’ Department. It’s necessary to mention the type of the machine, its serial numbers and the year of manufacture.

What type of grease can we use ?

We advise grease containing Lithium or EP. For the first 50 hours, we recommend ’ anti-seize’ WEICON lubricant. On the other hand, PROHIBITED : Grease which contain calcium (Ca).

Which type of lubricant must we put for the various parts of a mini-excavator ?

For diesel engine, we advice you to use a diesel engine oil 15W40. For the hydraulic system you can use hydraulic traditional ISO 46 oil. For travel gearbox, swivel gearbox, track rollers and idle wheels, the 80W90 oil is OK. Please consult the user’ manual for the service intervals and for the details according to particular climates. “Multifunction” oil are forbidden.



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