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 PH3300-PH3350-PH3400-PH3450 - KUBOTA


The Kubota PH3000 is a heavy-duty power harrow for all kinds of operations in all types of soil conditions. Robustly designed for use on tractors up to 250hp, with the Kubota heavy-duty trough design and Quick-Fit tines this power harrow is the right alternative for large farms and farm contractors.

The Kubota power harrows are designed for heavy conditions. Special emphasis has been given to reliability and a strong trough design. This has been achieved by having a large distance between the conical bearings, hardened gears in the trough and a heavy-duty rigid trough design.

The Advantages:

  • Robust, self-supporting trough-design providing the necessary strength for trouble-free operation.
  • Tine shaft of 60mm with two large conical bearings with a wide distance providing rigidity and a long service life.
  • Robust and reliable headstock for easy connection to all tractors and the attachment of heavy seed drill combinations.
  • Ample clearance of 125mm between the trough bottom and the tine holder ensure good soil flow and allow residues to pass easily through the machine
  • Tine dimension: 18 x 330mm.

Technical Specifications

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Model Working width (m) No. of rotors Weight with packer roller(kg)
PH3300 3.0 12 1940
PH3350 3.5 14 2164
PH3400 4.0 16 2417
PH3450 4.5 18 2670

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Download technical document