Mini-Excavators U36-4

With a spacious new 5-tonne class deluxe cab, the 3.5-tonne U36-4 compact excavator brings more comfort and luxury to almost any challenge.

Kubota believes that operator comfort is one of the top priorities. That’s why the U36-4 is equipped with the same spacious cab as our larger 5-tonne excavators. This roomy cab features a larger entrance, more legroom and an interior that is both luxurious and comfortable. Enhanced ergonomics allow you to perform routine operations with ease.

Information and instruction by EU Stage V


New spacious cabin with air conditioning (as option)

New weight-adjustable full suspension seat

Front digital panel with diagnosis function

Proportional flow control of auxiliary circuit AUX1 (std) and AUX2 (opt) and maximum oil flow setting

Auto shift

Fully opening bonnets for easy access to all inspection and maintenance areas of the engine

U36-4 key features

Weight with cabin (kg)


Digging depth (mm)


Min. width (mm)


Engine output (PS)

U36-4 - KUBOTA


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