Kubota will be opening a new production plant in Georgia

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Kubota will invest $140 million in a new manufacturing plant, which will further expand its production of tractor implements for the North American market.

As Kubota continues to expand its manufacturing capacity in the US, it will build a new production plant, namely in the city of Gainesville (Georgia), where it already has a solid presence through its existing facilities.

Since the demand for tractors is rapidly growing in North America, the need to increase its manufacturing capacity for tractors and construction equipment attachments to support its dealers has become a pressing matter for Kubota. Even though Kubota’s Industrial Equipment branch (KIE) already manufactures implements, the demand in North America is so high that the company has decided to further increasing its production capabilities by building a new plant.

As a result, both the new and the existing plants will respond to the enormous North American demand by increasing the annual implement production capacity from 100,000 to 210,000 units. This represents a great opportunity for Kubota, since more than 90% of the new tractors sold in North America are equipped with front loaders, as well as other implements.

In the words of Mr. Shingo Hanada, President and CEO for Kubota Tractor Corporation and Kubota North America: “This is an exciting time of unprecedented growth for our company, as this new investment comes right after the grand opening of our new R&D facility in Gainesville, both of which emphasise our commitment to our dealers and customers to improve operational efficiencies and achieve manufacturing excellence across all areas of our business.”

 The project, which will start this year, is expected to be fully operational in 2024, bringing with it more than 500 manufacturing jobs.

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