Kubota Receives the LA RAZÓN Innovation Award for the Development of the Kubota Group Solutions Hub

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Kubota Receives the LA RAZÓN Innovation Award for the Development of the Kubota Group Solutions Hub

As a part of the V Comunidad de Madrid LA RAZÓN awards, the jury awarded the Kubota Group Solutions Hub online portal for its role and success in highlighting its technological solutions for its customers.

The LA RAZON media group hosted the prize giving ceremony for the V Madrid Community Awards on March 7, 2023. This edition recognized the work of multiple renowned companies that promote the economy in the Community of Madrid and across in the rest of Spain and whom, in the words of Eugenia Carballedo, president of the Madrid Community Assembly, are “the living representation of the extraordinary times that the region is going through”.

The jury also valued Kubota’s long and excellent track record of more than 130 years in business, as well as its commitment to smart technology and sustainability. In the words of Joan Surroca, Digital and PR manager in Europe, who received the award, “our company has always tried work side by side with our customers and partners, whilst continuing to innovate and develop our technology to help them solve the problems they encounter every day. In order for Kubota to continue to be a sustainable company, we will continue to promote initiatives with a greater awareness of ESG than ever before.”

As a company engaged in reducing its environmental impact and the resolution of social issues in its business activities in the areas of food, water, and the environment, Kubota Group has defined its unique ESG measures as K-ESG — measures that are rooted in the Group’s corporate philosophy (the Kubota Global Identity). K-ESG management will provide the ethical and behavioural model to accomplish the goals of its long-term visions, GMB2030 and, afterward, GMB.

KGSH, an online platform to be closer to the customer 

This new platform, www.kubota-group.eu, is a joint initiative out of the European Kubota Organisation (KHE), bringing innovative customer solutions from the various brands under the Kubota Group umbrella, such as Kubota, Great Plains, Vicon, Kverneland, Fede and ROC. It includes various stories about customer solutions with technologies that enable customers to successfully overcome challenges and pain points, under the themes of Innovations, Sustainability, Connectivity, Automation and Efficiency.

Each story describes the challenge faced, the solution provided from each brand, along with videos and customer testimonials. Moreover, at the conclusion of each story, there is a description of how these solutions specifically contribute towards the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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