Kubota launches the brand new M6002 tractor series

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The technology in the new M6002 series addresses both the increasing focus on sustainability and modern farmers’ needs.

Kubota has the great pleasure to announce its new M6002 series of tractors. The first unit has been presented at FIMA 2020, the International Fair of Agricultural Machinery taking place in Zaragoza, Spain, from 25-29 February 2020. This new tractor has been developed entirely by Kubota and it provides a strong solution to the needs of dairy livestock and mixed farms. This revolutionary new M6002 series will offer three models: M6122, M6132 and M6142. The technology in the new M6002 series addresses both the increasing focus on sustainability and the needs of modern farmers.

 The M6002 series is equipped with a 4 cylinder 6108 Stage V engine which features the latest stage V Kubota technology boosting both efficiency and reliability. It offers three horse power levels with 121HP, 131HP and 141HP with an additional 20 HP power boost for transport operations. This engine has an extended cleaning interval of the DPF from 3000 to 6000 hours to improve maintenance performance. Additionally, it comes with a big 230 litre fuel tank, useful for long working days.

The transmission is completely new. It features an 8 speed powershift transmission with shifting progressive adjustment designed for high speed and heavy towing capacity. These powershift models include the new Xpress restart function that controls the master clutch directly via brake pedal activation. The driver can stop the tractor without using the clutch pedal.

The new large cab of this tractor range stands out for its striking new interior and exterior. It features a new multifunction lever arm rest with shuttle, engine memory, linkage control and auto shifting control. Its ergonomic side console for all main lever operation is located on the right side of the driver´s seat and on the same radius point of the arm rest for maximum driver comfort. The wide sunroof offers optimal visibility, especially useful for front loader applications. It features 10 standard full LED working lights and 6 optional LED additional working lights for a 360 degree angle coverage. Finally, the cab is equipped with a Premium Grammar seat and a mechanical cab suspension, for the highest levels of comfort.

The new heavy duty rear and front axle allows for high speed travel with increased payload capacity and heavy front loader application. The Kubota Bi-speed system included as standard provides an improved 4.5 meters turning radius, making the M6002 the best tractor in tight working applications.

Moreover the M6002 series offers additional performance, thanks to its hydraulic power steering system with CCLS pump of 115l/min which improves tractor reactivity.

The M6002 series has an impressive 7000 Kg lifting capacity and 115l/min flow rate to manage all implements with maximum productivity and efficiency.

Other key features include:

  • Well known 7” ISOBUS K-Monitor as option.
  • Autosteer as option for increased productivity.
  • PTO Speed 540/540E/1000/1000E as standard.
    • Auto modulated control activation for a soft and easy start.
    • Adjustable smoothness activation with the K monitor 7”.
    • PTO switch activation on rear fender or directly on the armrest.
  • Overdrive system to ensure low noise and fuel consumption at 40km/h at 1640 RPM.
  • Autoshifting mode.
  • Large offer of Front loader with 5 models for Utlity segment up to Premium segment.

Germán Martínez, VP Sales Tractor Business Unit at Kubota Holding Europe, said: “The new M6002 Series is a completely new concept built 100% by Kubota. The M6002 addresses the majority of needs from dairy and mixed farms looking for power, efficiency, low cost of operation, manoeuvrability, ease of use and comfort combined with Kubota’s well-known reputation for durability and reliability.

With this new tractor, farmers will benefit from great features such as the Xpress restart function, efficient new 8-speed powershift transmission and the 4.5 meters turning radius with the patented Kubota Bi-speed system. We are very proud to welcome this new M6002 series into our portfolio for dairy, mixed arable farms and professional servicing companies.”

Market availability will be during the second half of the year 2020.

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