Kubota Launches Its New Range Of Sprayers for Specialty Crops

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Kubota’s high-tech air blast and mist blowers perform effective and efficient treatments on specialty crops. The six available models cover protection needs against pests and diseases in fruit and nut orchards, citrus, vine and olive plantations.

 Kubota presents its new high-tech specialty crops sprayers to carry out effective and efficient phytosanitary treatments against pests and diseases. These six new models of air blast and mist blowers significantly enlarge Kubota’s specialty crops portfolio.

The new Kubota specialty crops sprayers are designed to perform high quality, precise and sustainable applications adapted to the requirements of each specific crop. Among the six available models (XTA21, XTA22, XTA24, XTA31, XTA33, XTA63) there are suitable options to cover the protection tasks of fruit and nut orchards, citrus, vine and olive plantations.

This reliable equipment stands out due to its robust, secure and durable mechanical performance and because of the incorporation of the latest proven advances in specialty crops technologies. The sprayers’ exclusive air group (Qi) carries out a homogeneous coverage while reducing power consumption, which can provide savings of up to 4l/h of fuel. The sprayers’ components have been developed to avoid mechanical problems and to enable greater productivity.

All Kubota specialty crops sprayers can be fitted with H3O technology to provide optimal digitalization of treatments. Thanks to H3O technology, the sprayers become intelligent and connected to perform precise applications based on row tree volume. The precision of Kubota H3O specialty crops sprayers leads to a drift reduction of up to 50% and up to 25% reduction in the use of pesticides.

Kubota specialty crops sprayers equipped with H3O technology are managed through an intuitive and user-friendly digital agronomic management platform in which treatments can be configured and directly sent out to the user in the field. The work order is easily displayed on an interface for the sprayer to be automatically adjusted. Furthermore, the user gets pro-active warnings during the work (speed, nozzle state, application volume…) to avoid mistakes. Once the treatment is finished, all data is available on the digital platform to visualize the spraying details and provide real traceability. This data is valuable information that helps the users to make both better agronomic and business decisions.

Kubota specialty crops sprayers are already commercialised in Spain and Portugal, and will be launched in Italy, France and Poland within 2022. Other European markets will follow gradually from 2023 onwards.

About Kubota

Kubota has been a leading manufacturer of agricultural, turf and construction equipment and Industrial Engines since 1890. With world Headquarters in Osaka Japan, and offices in more than 120 countries, and with over 41,000 employees throughout North America, Europe and Asia, Kubota achieved revenues of approximately $20 Billion in 2021. Although agricultural equipment is Kubota’s primary line of products, Kubota also produces a diverse portfolio of other products including citywide water filtration systems, irrigation, piping, roofing, housing and large underground valves.

 Our Brand Statement

Our Brand Statement, “For Earth, For Life,” speaks of our commitment to the preservation of the Earth’s natural environment while aiding the production of food and water supplies that are vital to societal needs as our world population continues to grow. That mission is realized each time a Kubota tractor harvests the land to produce life-sustaining food or our construction equipment excavates to transport water resources or provide shelter. For more information on Kubota, please visit www.kubota-global.net or www.kubota-eu.com.

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