Kubota invests in Trapview, a technology leader in automated pest monitoring and forecasting

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Kubota invests in Trapview, a technology leader in automated pest monitoring and forecasting

(October 23, 2020)

Despite great uncertainity surrounding Covid-19, Kubota has collaborated with Pymwymic, Dutch impact investors, and Oltre Venture, an Italian based impact investor, in a ‘Series A2’ venture funding investment totalling €3.7m for Trapview, a technology leader in automated pest monitoring and forecasting.

Through this investment in Trapview, Kubota continues moving forward in accelerating its innovation philosophy in order to create new business opportunities, products and services in the field of farming. The globalisation of companies is currently facing a turning point due to the Covid-19 pandemic. More so than ever before, the Kubota Group intends to expand community-based business operations and deliver integrated and collaborative solutions, technological advancements and unique customer value in every segment of its business.

The impact of pests on businesses in the agricultural industry are huge and their numbers must be controlled. Pests destroy approximately 14% of all annual crop production, each year. In addition, almost 5 million tons of more than 600 different pesticide types are applied to fight pests, of which astonishingly only 1% is actually effective. The overuse of chemical pesticides is evident, and furthermore pests are becoming more and more resistant to them, creating a pressure on farmers. This is resulting in a demand for more effective, reliable and efficient pest monitoring solutions. With the automated pest monitoring system provided by Trapview, farmers are not only reducing their use of chemicals but also decreasing the cost for healthier food produce, allowing healthy, pesticide-free food to become more accessible.

Trapview was originally founded in 2007 in Slovenia and holds an expertise in monitoring of pests. With thousands of traps deployed in fields, the company currently owns the largest database of pest data and algorithms in the world. Currently they have over 1300 unique customers in more than 40 countries spread over Europe, Australia, North and South America. The collaboration of Pymwymic and Oltre Venture offers Trapview a strong added value besides the growth in capital. The strategic positioning of Kubota as a leader in global agriculture and equipment manufacturing will allow Trapview to benefit from new ways of product development.

Kubota has extensive experience in preventing the spread of pests and infections. 130 years ago when Japan was rapidly modernizing, Kubota´s founder, Gonshiro Kubota, became the first person in the country to domestically produce water pipes in order to save people´s lives from the spread of cholera.

Ever since the company was founded, Kubota has always done everything in its power to help solve the challenges faced by society. Going forward, Kubota will continue to contribute to the international community in the areas of food, water and the environment – all of which are essential for people´s livelihoods.

In 2019 Kubota established the ‘Innovation Centre’ in Japan and Europe as divisions for the creation of new business ventures, products and services. This division creates an environment which allows innovation to evolve through partnerships with external businesses such as AgTech startups, agricultural producers, research institutes, and universities.

“Through further innovation, we will contribute to the world in the fields of food, water, and the environment, looking ahead to the post-Covid-19 society” Yuichi Kitao, Chaiman and Representative Director, Kubota Corporation.

“Through our investment in Trapview, at Kubota we intend to accelerate innovation in the  monitoring and forecasting of pests, offering an innovative and efficient solution for farmers.” Peter Van Der Vlugt, General Manager of the Innovation Center Europe.

Kubota aims for Smart Agriculture

Since its founding, Kubota has placed considerable resources and investment to understanding and overcoming the agricultural challenges farmers face, by working closely with them in Japan and in other countries worldwide. Kubota is now moving forward in the Smart Agriculture sector, focusing on reducing labour costs and increasing the quality of production based automation and data based precision farming.

Kubota will keep moving forward with solutions that support highly profitable farms. From cultivation to operational management, Kubota is working towards generating a wide range of benefits for farmers. 

About Trapview

Trapview is a pest insect monitoring and forecasting platform developed by a Slovenian company Efos. Automated electronic traps enable efficient, nearly maintenance free

monitoring of pest insects. Advanced artificial intelligence based processing of trap data assists customers to get accurate and real-time understanding of pest population dynamics as well as forecast of pest development stages in a specific area. This positions Trapview as a key decision support tool for planning field activities and for optimal usage of crop protection. More than 40 different insect species are being monitored all over the world with the help of Trapview solution.

Trapview has been present on the market since 2012 and has previously raised equity investment from a Slovenian fund Prvi sklad and received an EU commission H2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 grant.

To find out more, contact info@trapview.com or follow them on LinkedIn

(https://www.linkedin.com/company/trapview/) or Twitter @Trapview_

About Pymwymic

 Founded in 1994, Pymwymic is the “Put Your Money Where Your Meaning Is Community”, a co-owned organisation of European wealth holders who take a frontrunner role in the transition towards investing with care for people and planet. A community that consists of over 150 individuals, families, entrepreneurs and angel investors of different backgrounds, ages and nationalities. They currently invest through the Pymwymic Healthy Ecosystems Impact Fund, a venture capital fund for companies that seek to conserve and restore our ecosystems, with a specific focus on sustainable food systems. By combining their knowledge, passion and money, they bring credibility to the investing industry and continuously push for higher standards until investing with care for people, and the planet is the new norm.

Contact: maarten@pymwymic.com

 About Oltre Venture

 Since the early 2000s, Oltre Venture introduced the concept of Impact Investing in Italy and opened the market, contributing to its development. Oltre Venture has nearly 40 investment projects and manages over 50M€ through 2 investing vehicles, creating a successful track record and a strong network both in Italy and internationally. Their actual portfolio includes around 20 companies, some of which are amongst the pioneers in their sector within the Italian landscape, generating a great social impact.

Contact: jacopo.franchi@oltreventure.com

 About Kubota Corporation

Kubota Corporation has been a leading manufacturer of agricultural, turf and construction equipment and Industrial Engines since 1890. With world Headquarters in Osaka Japan, and

offices in more than 110 countries throughout North America, Europe and Asia, Kubota achieved revenues in 2019 of $ 17.6 Bn. Although, agricultural equipment is Kubota’s primary line of products, Kubota also produces a diverse portfolio of other products including city wide water filtration systems, irrigation, piping, roofing, housing and large underground valves.

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