Kubota Inaugurates a New and Integral Training, Marketing and Sales Centre in Spain

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Kubota Spain has inaugurated its new and Integral Training, Marketing and Sales Centre in Spain. Yuichi Kitao, President and Representative Director of Kubota Corporation, attended the inauguration of the new headquarters together with important political and business leaders, and various representatives of the company.

The launch of Kubota Spain’s new and integral Training, Marketing and Sales Centre is designed as “a project by EVERYONE for EVERYONE”. The company is increasing its brand value by offering a better service to customers and its dealer and distributor network in a multi-purpose space. This Centre can provide everything they need; from training courses, product demonstrations and field tests to hosting visitors, informative talks, and events. The new facilities will always be available to the Kubota network, to take full advantage of its possibilities to benefit customers.

The new Kubota Spain facilities at Ciudad del Automóvil in Leganés, located close to the Spanish capital, have been built in accordance with a design aesthetic and concept inspired by the culture of Japan, the company’s birthplace, as well as the sustainable values upheld by Kubota. The headquarters have solar power, LED lighting and efficient insulation, which significantly contributes to Kubota’s fundamental objective of caring for the environment and contributing to achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The multidisciplinary nature of the Centre was considered throughout the design process. With that in mind, it has been equipped with open-plan, minimalist environments that make the best use of rooms and resources for various, possible uses. The new Centre also includes a spare parts warehouse to support Kubota’s growth in the Spanish, Portuguese, and Israeli markets.

The integral Training, Marketing and Sales Centre is a milestone for the company and demonstrates its commitment to Kubota’s future in Spain. An example of this was the presence of Yuichi Kitao, President and Representative Director of Kubota Corporation, who accompanied the Spanish Management Team at the official inauguration. Yuichi Kitao was joined at the event by Dai Watanabe, a member of the Board of Directors of Kubota Corporation, and Yasukazu Kamada, President of Kubota Holding Europe, as well as other prominent Kubota leaders from around the world and Europe.

Political leaders were also present at the inauguration ceremony, including Manuel Llamas Fraga, Deputy Economy Minister for the Community of Madrid; Santiago Llorente Gutiérrez, Mayor of Leganés; and Kenji Hiramatsu, Ambassador of Japan to Spain.

Yuichi Kitao, President and Representative Director of Kubota Corporation, expressed his satisfaction at the beginning of this new stage for the company’s Spanish subsidiary: “In recent years, we have made significant investment in Europe, as one of the most important markets for grounds care and agricultural machinery in the world.”

He went on to say, “Today we are celebrating the official inauguration of Kubota Spain’s new facilities: the new, integral Training, Marketing and Sales Centre, which also includes a spare parts warehouse to support our growth in the Spanish, Portuguese and Israeli markets. We could not have come this far without our dealers and distributors, as well as our extremely hard-working employees. They all contribute to strengthening Kubota’s market share in Spain, Portugal, and Israel.”

Mr. Kitao continued, “Our Company has always been interested in improving the lives of people, and Society as a whole. Kubota constantly aims to deploy to the fullest, the special strengths and capabilities that we have developed over time. In addition, we will maintain our commitment to our brand statement, “For Earth, For Life”, as we strive to expand the scope of our business operations.”

He concluded: “We are pleased to have this new facility for local business development and to contribute towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations as part of our Environmental, Social and Governance efforts.”

Germán Martínez Sainz-Trápaga, President of Kubota Spain, commented: “Today, we are inaugurating a new facility that is a milestone in the history of Kubota in Spain. This project, which started in 2020, fulfils an objective that we have been pursuing for years. It is also a commitment to the future, because we are convinced that there is no better time to be a Kubota Spain employee, distributor or dealer.”

He added: “These magnificent facilities will allow us to offer multi-disciplinary services to our customers in a combination of product strength, marketing strength and the strength of the dealer network. We will continue to develop innovative solutions for customers and so continue to grow as a company together with our business partners, our Distribution Network. Thanks to the implementation of this Centre, together with the great team of professionals at Kubota Spain, we can state without doubt that the best years for our company are yet to come.”

About Kubota

Kubota has been a leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment, construction equipment, lawn mowers and industrial engines since 1890. With its global headquarters in Osaka, Japan, offices in more than 120 countries and more than 41,000 employees in North America, Europe and Asia, Kubota had a turnover of $20 billion in 2021. Although agricultural equipment is its main product line, Kubota also produces a wide range of products such as city water purification systems, irrigation systems, piping systems, roof and home construction, and large underground valves.

Our Mission

Our mission “For Earth, For Life” speaks to our commitment to the conservation of the environment while aiding the production of food and water supplies, which are vital to meet the needs of our society, as the world’s population continues to grow. This mission is accomplished every time a Kubota tractor harvests the land to produce food or when our construction equipment excavates to transport water or provide shelter.

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