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Konesilta Oy, our Finnish distributor for Kubota Construction Machinery, which is growing its operations, and Vantaan Kone and Laite Oy , one of the most legendary players in the machine maintenance industry, will jointly open a new machine sales and after-sales center in Tuusula. The machine house located in the Sula area, at Mukulakuja 3, is designed to serve customers especially in the Helsinki region, the province of Uusimaa and more broadly in the southern part of the country.

Top view of the entrance to Konesilla’s new Tuusula office


“Last year, we made almost 600 machine shops from two locations and delivered machine loads to customers in the Helsinki metropolitan area on a weekly basis. At the request of our customers and trusting in the future, we decided to strengthen our position in an important market area by establishing a full-service of􀂣ce in accordance with the company’s concept to support strong growth and development in the coming years as well, ”says Ville Kyllönen, CEO and entrepreneur .

The sale of Kubota construction equipment in Finland, which began in 2018, has got off to a good start and this operation will be further strengthened with this new office. The goal is to significantly increase Finland’s market share in construction machinery weighing less than 10 tonnes.

“With a light and efficient organization, we will be able to offer a competitive price level and flexible trading in the sale of new and used machines in the future,” promises Kyllönen.

Wide range of services

The special feature and strength of the Tuusula office is the comprehensive range of services. In addition to Konesilla’s machine sales, you can 􀂣nd Vantaa Kone ja Laite Oy’s versatile service workshop at the same address. Skilled personnel have access to modern facilities and special equipment, which is especially suitable for the repair of construction machinery, their accessories and other heavy equipment.

Founded more than twenty years ago, the general repair shop is familiar to many contractors. Now, the multi- expert in machine maintenance and repair will be transferred from the Swedish OP System to the ownership of Vones Kyllönen, owner of Konesilla, and Mikko Vink , who works for the company. The company’s new leaders both have a training in mechanical engineering and a strong experience base in construction machinery, their accessories, as well as the motivation and goal to develop operations by listening to customers.

“Founded in 2000, Vantaan Kone ja Laite Oy’s versatile expertise and service that understands the customer’s needs has been a familiar concept for many years. We want to take this service concept to a new level and help customers keep their machines and work equipment productive, ”says Mikko Vinkki, CEO of Vantaa Kone and Laitte.

“With this arrangement, we can combine the existing, almost completed maintenance, spare parts and equipment functions to support Konesilta Oy’s machine sales. In addition, the workshop sells to other customers the former model,”say Kyllönen and Vinkki.

Vantaa Kone ja Laite is a multi-brand repair shop for construction machinery and heavy equipment. The workshop serves entrepreneurs in the construction, building, infrastructure and transport sectors, as well as other companies using heavy equipment. Appropriate facilities and equipment are very well suited for the maintenance, repair and equipping of construction machinery and for the repair of accessories such as bucket rotators, impact hammers and demolition equipment.

The workshop also performs hydraulic work from hose assemblies to demanding repairs to hydraulic cylinders. Of the metalwork, flame cutting, welding and machining are successful with professionalism. The use of skilled and motivated personnel has also equipped service vehicles for situations where a visit to the construction site is required.

In the future, Konesilta Oy’s sales operations and Vantaan Kone ja Laite Oy will operate in the same 1,500 square meter premises in the Tuusula unit. The office employs eight people in the early stages of operations. The goal of machine sales is to have annual sales of 200 machine shops and a turnover of EUR 10 million within three years. Despite his young age, Kristian Lylykorpi, a mechanical engineer with strong experience in the construction industry, will start in machine sales in Tuusula . He is very excited to get started in his new job.

“I was impressed by the concept of a machine bridge, which operates efficiently and is customer-oriented, and I wanted to get to know how to do business in a solid machine trade growth company,” says Lylykorpi. OP System will also continue to serve at the same address for the sales and spare parts operations of Sennebogen and Doppstadt products, with Vantaan Kone ja Laite Oy acting as the service center for the brands in question in the Uusimaa region.

The opening will be celebrated later when conditions allow. The staff of Konesilla and Vantaa Kone ja Laitte welcome existing and new customers to the shops and get acquainted with the operations.


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