The first trailed sprayer from Kubota

The XTS3 is the first trailed sprayer from Kubota. The XTS3 series is designed with focus on short, low and compact dimensions, especially suitable for small to medium-sized mixed farms. The user friendly design in combination with easy-to-understand electronics result in maximal operator comfort. The XTS3 is available with 2600 and 3200 litre tank capacity in combination with two different boom types: the HSA (21 – 24m) and the HSS boom (18 – 30m). The XTS3 series is ISOBUS 11783 compatible as standard, which means easy plug and play with the K-Monitor or K-Monitor PRO or any other AEF certified terminal.

The advantages:

  • Optimise spraying and comfort: to protect their crops against diseases
  • Everything at the right place: with the different iXclean solutions
  • XTS offers easy access: to the valve panel, chemical inductor, storage locker, clean water tank and filter pump
  • Easy hitching, easy following: by low centre of gravity and compact design
  • The heavy duty spray boom: the HSS spray boom
  • The high tech aluminium spray boom: the HSA spray boom

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Technical specifications


XTS3 XTS326 XTS332
Nominal tank capacity (l) 2600 3200
Maximum tank capacity (l) 2780 3400
Clean water tank capacity (l) 340 340
Clean water tank extension (l) 120 120
Hand wash tank (l) 32 32
Chemical inductor (l) 37 37
Spray booms (m) HSS 18-30 / HSA 21-24 HSS 18-30 / HSA 21-24


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