Plough RM6105V



High output for in-furrow/on-land operations and low maintenance cost

Designed for In-Furrow and On-Land operations. Easy swap from one another: the driver has fingertip control.

The Kubota RM6105V is a new generation Variomat® plough. It offers comfort with low lift requirements. The headstock No 300 provides the necessary strength for a smooth reversing. An efficient parallel linkage system hydraulically moves the plough into a balanced position. A unique memory system maintains the desired furrow width settings after the reversing cycle.
Robust frame 120 x 200 mm.
In its on-land configuration the plough’s impressive offset (up to 3,85 m) allows the tractor to be positioned exactly to the drivers’ requirements.


  • Trailer Transport Solution (TTS) for a safer transport. Optional
  • Aero-profile legs to prevent blockages in large amounts of residues
  • Central adjustment of skimmers to save time
  • Optional automatic front furrow adjustment. Mechanical front furrow adjustment is standard
  • Ideal for tractors having dual wheels or rubber track
  • Packer arm for the soil re-consolidation

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Technical specifications

Model Interbody clearance cm Head  stock Type of beam  Working width cm Under beam clearance cm


No of furrows
RM6105V 85 300 Non-stop 30-50 80 5-7 (6+1)
RM6105V 100 300 Non-stop 35-55 80 5-6



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