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 Packomat - KUBOTA
 Packomat - KUBOTA

Designed for the perfect seedbed while ploughing. It is an integrated soil packer, directly coupled to the plough for re-consolidation operations and transport. By applying a pressure of 1.000 kg, the wedge-shaped discs cut their way through the furrows, crush clods, push down stones, level and pack the soil. Immediate re-establishment of the capillarity water conductivity.

Benefits :

  • Environmentally friendly: mechanical weed control
  • Reduces problem associated to post-drilling drought
  • Enables an immediate seedbed on light to medium soils and cuts down time seedbed operations on heavy soils
  • Time and cost efficient: plough and re-consolidate in 1 pass only
  • Less tractive power required than for traditional towed packers. Packomat minimises fuel consumption
  • Convenient: Packomat changes sides automatically in plough reversing processes
  • Easy manual or hydraulic pressure adjustments
  • Safe in transport

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