Accurate spreading in irregular shaped fields

The DSX-W GEOSPREAD is equipped with two actuators on each dosing unit. One of these actuators controls the setting of the discharge point of the dosing cup onto the disc (letter setting), the other controls the application rate. The GEOSPREAD system makes it possible to adjust the letter setting individually for both discs electrically from the tractor cab. This means the working width can be easily adjusted quickly and accurately just by touching the ISOBUS terminal!

Decreasing the spreading width on the left hand side by 1 metre

Switching off the sections outwards

The 4 load cells and reference sensor on the DSX-W GEOSPREAD are important features as with section control accurate weighing is essential. The total benefit of GEOSPREAD combined with speed related spreading and GEOPOINT headland management can be up to 15%. This can be achieved by saving fertiliser and better yields, because of no unnecessary overlap. In combination with the optional MULTIRATE application, the variable rate application, which applies multiple rates within a working width even more precision can be achieved.
The modern user interface on the IsoMatch Tellus PRO, IsoMatch Tellus GO+ or any other ISOBUS compatible tractor terminal has an easy navigation structure with an intuitive and logical layout and guarantees maximum user friendliness.

The Advantages:
  • RotaFlow spreading system
  • Fully automatic weighing system with unique reference sensor
  • The 1 metre sections (max. 54 sections) can be switched inside-out and outside-in to keep overlaps to the minimum. (depending on the terminal functionality)
  • ISOBUS 11783 compatible for easy plug and play
  • Possible in combination with IsoMatch GEOCONTROL
  • Automatic start/stop with GPS on headlands possible
  • Optional MULTIRATE application to apply multiple rates within a working width
  • Increase of capacity, spreading two different fertilisers in one-pass with the Kubota GEOSPREAD front-rear combination
  • XHD Lift Vanes provide a high quality spreading pattern and durability for the farmer.

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Technical specifications

DSX-W GEOSPREAD (275 cm) DSX-W1500 DSX-W2150 DSX-W2800 DSX-W3450
Hopper capacity (l) 1500 2150 2800 3450
Filling height (cm) 119 138 157 176
Width (cm) 275 275 275 275
Filling width (cm) 269 269 269 269
Empty weight (kg) 655 685 715 745
Spread width (m) 12-54* 12-54* 12-54* 12-54*
Output (kg/min) 10-320 10-320 10-320 10-320


DSX-W GEOSPREAD (290 cm) DSX-W1875 DSX-W2550 DSX-W3225 DSX-W3900
Hopper capacity (l) 1875 2550 3225 3900
Filling height (cm) 119 138 157 176
Width (cm) 290 290 290 290
Filling width (cm) 284 284 284 284
Empty weight (kg) 695 725 755 785
Spread width (m) 12-54* 12-54* 12-54* 12-54*
Output (kg/min) 10-320 10-320 10-320 10-320


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