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 BF3500 - KUBOTA
 BF3500 - KUBOTA
 BF3500 - KUBOTA

High Performance Fixed Chamber Baler 

Full roller fixed chamber baler with a bale diameter of 1.25m

Kubota BF3500 is the specialist baler for heavy silage conditions. The bale chamber is formed by 18 ribbed profile rollers which ensures maximum bale density and superb bale rotation in all conditions, while power requirement is also kept to a minimum for more efficient operation.

The Advantages:

  • New 2.3m extra wide low profile pick-up equipped with twin cam tracks and five tine bars.
  • New SuperCut 15 knife pre-chopping system
  • Parallelogram Drop Floor system for faster unblocking.
  • Fixed chamber with 18 ribbed rollers for high-density bales.
  • PowerBind net wrap system
  • Simple and intuitive control with the Focus 3 terminal.

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Technical specifications

Model Bale Diameter Intake System Binding
BF3500 1.23 x 1.25m SuperCut 15 Net


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