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 SD1250M-SD1300M - KUBOTA
 SD1250M-SD1300M - KUBOTA


The Kubota SD1000M is a lightweight cultivator-mounted seed drill for power harrows, rotary tillers and tine cultivators.

The seed drill can be used both solo as a tractor-mounted machine (i.e. without tillage implement) or in combination with a variety of tillage implements. Cultivation and drilling can then take place in one pass. This conversion is made possible by the coupling system.

The standard machine is equipped with a 1000 rpm V-belt drive. It can also be supplied with a hydraulic drive, as an option if required.

The Advantages:

  • No soil compaction in the tracks
  • Optimum re-compaction after sowing
  • Easy handling
  • Sturdy yet lightweight design

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Technical specifications
Model Working width (m) Hopper Capacity (litres)  Weight (kg) 
SD1000M 2.5 / 3.0 750 460 – 620


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