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 MP1300-MP1600-MP1900-MP1600F-MP1900F - KUBOTA

Precise Seed Placement and Singulation

The MP1000 models with mechanical and electrical drive (e-drive II) are designed for professional precision drilling of beet, rape and chicory. With the MP1000, the peripheral speed of the seed disc matches exactly the forward speed of the machine; therefore the seed has “zero speed effect” which eliminates seed bounce.

Even under the most difficult conditions the parallelogram mounting of the MP1000 resp. MP1000 e-drive II sowing unit guarantees precise depth control.

The rigid end-tow toolbars are available in working widths of 3m, 6m and 9m. The convenient and time saving parallel hydraulic folding is available in 6m toolbar versions. The transport width of all MP1000 models is a maximum of 3m.

The Advantages:

  • Infinite adjustment of sowing distances from 12.5 to 25cm, optimizing seed populations to soil type within the same field from the tractor cab.
  • Multi choice integrated tramlining and pre-emergence marking systems (optional).
  • Ability to increase plant population in the rows adjacent to the tramlines.
  • Half-width shut-off and opto-electronic control for seed counting as standard.
  • Individual sowing units can be switched off. Ideal, for example, when sowing in the corner of awkward shaped fields.
  • Safety through constant control: the electronics permanently monitor all operating functions of each sowing unit constantly displaying the “real time” data on the in cab terminal.
  • ISOBUS Intelligence

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Technical specifications

Model Working width (m) Hopper capacity (litres) Weight (kg)
MP1000 3.0 /6.0/9.0 9 400 – 2180



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