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 BF3255 FlexiWrap - KUBOTA

BF3255 FlexiWrap

Integrated Baler Wrapper Combination.

The Kubota BF3255 FlexiWrap offers you the best solution for baling and wrapping in one go. High speed wrapping ensures that wrapping will finish before the next bale is ready – fast and efficient integrated baling. It is the ideal solution for a one-man operation. It incorporate the BF3255 with the twin satellite wrapper, all firmly mounted onto a strong and durable chassis with tandem axles.

The wrapping table with 4 endless belts and rollers carries and rotates the bale evenly during wrapping with no risk of film damage. The twin pre-stretchers ensure high speed wrapping, so the wrapping process will finish on time before the new bale is ready.

The Advantages:

  • Integrated solution for baling and wrapping in one go.
  • Fixed chamber full roller bale concept with a bale diameter of 1.25×1.20m.
  • Wrapping table is transferred to the tailgate of the baler, so the bale is dropped directly onto the table.
  • High speed wrapping with two pre-stretchers – wrapping process will always finish before the next bale is ready.
  • Low table height for gentle unloading of bales. Optional bale on end kit available.
  • The tandem axle with 560/45-R22.5 tyres (optional (710/35-R22.5) provides very good stability when operating in the field or running on the road.
  • The extra film rolls are lowered hydraulically for easy change

Technical Specifications

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 Model Bale Size (m) Bale Chamber Pick-Up (m)        Cutting Device
BF3255 FlexiWrap SC-14 1.20×1.25 17 rollers 2.20m SuperCut-14
BF3255 FlexiWrap SC-25 1.20×1.25 17 rollers 2.20m SuperCut-25


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Download technical document